an infected vagina usually caused by excessive whoreness, usually they colour blue or green, hence the name blue waffle,
person 1: she looks like a whore
person 2: she probably has a blue waffle
#vagina #infected #whore #blue #green
by MusicLover14 April 04, 2010
A completely disgusting vaginal disease. Oh my god it will make you gag every time you think about it. The image will haunt you. You will have nightmares. I can't even put it in to words, jfgi you'll find out everything... oh god I think I have to throw up now. Fuck that shit is gross ooooohh...
Facebook Chat:

Bob: Hey man go 2 google and type in blue waffles then clik im feeling lucky... lol
Joe: uhh ok wtv...
Joe: AHHHHHH!!!! holy shit wtf!! thats not even funny!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
Bob: ROFL!!!!
Bob: haha omg this is hilarious!!!...
uhh u still there?
oh shit...
#blue #waffles #gross #death #vile #disgusting #vomit #ahhh!!
by Heugh G. Reckshun March 21, 2010
Blue waffle is a vaginal abnormality caused by severe beatings at the hand of the man-stick, excessive ferocious poundings can results in grotesque flap growth resembling a waffly versatile potato waffle but also taking on a bluey-green colour. Often covered in sweaty fur as a result of the skanky mess who owns the vagina being crap at personal hygene.. mingers
I went down on this girl this one time, her blue waffle looked like an inside out foetus growing from within, I borked all over her keith burtons
#keith burtons #smelly flaps #waffle curtains #tony blair #minge cringe
by Biscuit Burton February 17, 2010
Nasty ass fungus vagina that resembles a blue waffle.
That girl has a nasty blue waffle.
#blue #waffle #nasty #ass #vagina
by anthony charmichel June 23, 2009
a blue waffle is a scabby disgusting blue like coloured sti you get on your fanny wanny.

Ways you can get it:
Fanny bashing
rubbing your fanny on fungus
rubbing your fanny on twirly wirlys
rubbing your fanny on toast
rubbing your fanny in a dogs face.
omg! her fanny is so scabby smelly, and... oh my.. its blue, and it looks like a waffle! must be blue waffle!
#fanny #blue #waffle #smelly #sti
by jenren April 03, 2012
an infectious diesease caused by nasty sexual intercourse
person 1:have you heard from lil joe?

Person 2: No! i heard he got the BLUE WAFFLE!


Yo, we drinking tonight lil joe?
no, i got the blue waffle
#nasty #std #sti #blue balls #disgusting
by stephybaby June 24, 2011
just don't even ask. google makes you scarred for life.
if you ever hear this term, rip your ears out
if your girlfriend has blue waffle blow off the wedding and RUN!
#blue #waffle #gross #awful #delicious
by iamkewlerthanyall March 31, 2011
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