Blue waffle is a vaginal abnormality caused by severe beatings at the hand of the man-stick, excessive ferocious poundings can results in grotesque flap growth resembling a waffly versatile potato waffle but also taking on a bluey-green colour. Often covered in sweaty fur as a result of the skanky mess who owns the vagina being crap at personal hygene.. mingers
I went down on this girl this one time, her blue waffle looked like an inside out foetus growing from within, I borked all over her keith burtons
by Biscuit Burton February 17, 2010
When ya spank that ass and the next day there is bruses
Kelly could not sit the next day because of the blue waffle on each ass cheak from the night before.
by BobHadAbabbyItsAboy August 26, 2014
The nastiest looking vaginal disease or std on the face of the earth. Looks blue and gross like waffles.
Jen has blue waffle vagina and it is nasty.
by hugecockville2 September 22, 2012
a blue waffle is a scabby disgusting blue like coloured sti you get on your fanny wanny.

Ways you can get it:
Fanny bashing
rubbing your fanny on fungus
rubbing your fanny on twirly wirlys
rubbing your fanny on toast
rubbing your fanny in a dogs face.
omg! her fanny is so scabby smelly, and... oh my.. its blue, and it looks like a waffle! must be blue waffle!
by jenren April 03, 2012
A dirty vagina that looks gross. You'll know when you see one. Most likely you would want to through up.
I think that girl has a blue waffle. Don't mess around with her
by Mellow123456 October 12, 2011
A delicious and nutritious treat that rises the morale of those who feast on it.
The touching story of a blue waffle:
Johnny hit rock bottom when he broke up with his girlfriend, but once he saw his sister's waffle of a vibrant blue his mood completely shifted and his appetite intensified; after Johnny had devoured Sally's blue waffle their relationship changed into something exceptionally special. Sally's selfless act of kindness had effectively strengthened their bond and ultimately transformed her brother into her best friend. As time has gone by, Johnny and Sally have grown even closer and they still share the occasional blue waffle together. Johnny wouldn't want it any other way.
by Professor McBadass July 14, 2011
An insult to guys, saying he has "blue balls" or basically no balls.
Oh, that guy! He is such a blue waffle!
by InsideGirl April 23, 2011

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