a disease that makes vaginas blue, big, and saggy
"dude I was about to go down on this girl when I saw she had a blue waffle!"
by imonlyanatom December 02, 2010
The nastiest looking vaginal disease or std on the face of the earth. Looks blue and gross like waffles.
Jen has blue waffle vagina and it is nasty.
by hugecockville2 September 22, 2012
someone with a dirty pussy thats blue and full of puss filled zits.
Blue Waffle = Lauren Vanhorn
Lauren Vanwhore Has A Blue Waffle
by ALovezyuhbitch January 20, 2011
the extremely horrifying and disgusting STD or vaginal infection, tinting it to a bluish colour. blue waffles are usually lumpy and blistered. NSFW
Adam: dude! Mariah had too much sex and got a blue waffle!
Mark: ugh dude! gross!
by bobbybobb June 16, 2010
An insult to guys, saying he has "blue balls" or basically no balls.
Oh, that guy! He is such a blue waffle!
by InsideGirl April 23, 2011
Slang for the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is a result of the Toronto Maple Leafs playing hockey so poorly, that their hockey skills "Stink" to the same level as a severely infected Vagina.
The Leafs lost to the Canadiens again, what a pack of Blue Waffles
by Tie Domi March 18, 2011
When ya spank that ass and the next day there is bruses
Kelly could not sit the next day because of the blue waffle on each ass cheak from the night before.
by BobHadAbabbyItsAboy August 26, 2014

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