the extremely horrifying and disgusting STD or vaginal infection, tinting it to a bluish colour. blue waffles are usually lumpy and blistered. NSFW
Adam: dude! Mariah had too much sex and got a blue waffle!
Mark: ugh dude! gross!
by bobbybobb June 16, 2010
A Vagina Infection Its Fucking Sick
Man i Went To Go Fuck her Turns Out She Had A Blue Waffle
by Winter Valentine June 14, 2010
A battered or infected lady cake of blue or green colouring, often brought about by extreme rammage to the female taco with penis or similar device. Blue waffle infections area result of dirty skank whoreness of the smack head variety and are abundant in areas of extreme chav infections as well as areas high in whoredom.
Kurtis: "Hey Stevie I heard you had some blue waffles for a midnight snack."

Stevie: "Yup. Vannah,lizzi, and amanda."
by Blue Waffle Chef April 15, 2010
a vaginal infection caused by excessive violent penetration as well as bad personal hygiene. can also be caused by falling into dirty water, such as rivers
"Katie has a nasty blue waffle"

"Did you hear olivia has got a blue waffle now"
by John Smith1993 April 15, 2010
an infected vagina usually caused by excessive whoreness, usually they colour blue or green, hence the name blue waffle,
person 1: she looks like a whore
person 2: she probably has a blue waffle
by MusicLover14 April 04, 2010
The most disgusting thing you will ever see.
Google: Blue Waffle. Click: I'm feeling Lucky. But you'll be feeling real sick after doing so...
by litttlemissssy. April 02, 2010
A very infected or klobbered vagina. Commonly achieved with masturbation with a tree branch.
matt: hey jake watch got down there?

jake g. : oh just a blue waffle.
by lgfyli March 28, 2010

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