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The English equivalent of Hot Topic, Blue Banana is where alternative teens go to buy makeup, merchandise and brand clothing and accessories of Famous Stars and Straps, Atticus, Death Kitty etc. Most teens at my school into rock have been there, the majority of which are 'scene'.
Girl1: Have you been to Blue Banana?
Girl2: Yeah, I went there last weekend to buy my Hot skate shoes.
by x-Stellar-x August 29, 2006
When a man sticks his dick in ice water to keep himself from ejaculating too fast.
Many pornstars are forced to do a blue banana
by Paul Abbott July 22, 2014
A male version of a blue waffle, but unlike women men with this condition love to show their blue banana to everyone.
Joe:"do you want to see my blue banana?"
Isaac:"no just shove it up my ass!"

Joe did not know that Isaac was a homo, but he still proceeded to shove his blue banana in Isaac's anus.
by loris van crisp March 12, 2014
The act of lighting a fart, especially when the methane in the fart gives the flame a blue tinge; same as a Blue Angel.
After I ate lamb vindaloo, I started farting, held a lighter to my ass, and blue bananas popped out!
by pentozali September 23, 2009
When a dude cums in a chick's eyes (So she can't see) And then fucks her in the ass. (Then she moans.)
Campbell loves giving Jonni the Blue banana.
by Zach Anderson1234 December 01, 2006
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