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Jonni is a guy name. But there's a lot of girls with this name. A girl who's name is Jonni is very gorgeous, beautiful, hot, sexy and pretty. It's kind of hard to please a Jonni, a Jonni doesn't like very many people. Jonni is very stylish, and probably every guy think's she is etleast cute. A Jonni has HUGE boobs, and a nice body. And Jonni's are usaully nice if she is in a good mood. And a Jonni is probably the biggest bitch if she's in a bad mood. And a Jonni never stop's smiling or laughing!!!!!!!
by icanmakeyourbedROCK February 12, 2010
Jonni is worlds best boy, he is the most amazing person you can meet, he is kind, a gentelman, the best, cute, romantic, funny, sexy, he's got a lot of muscles, he's irreplaceable and is what girls like to call "Tall, Dark and Handsome".

He is a real catch and such a stud! Jon is the friend to have when you need someone to talk to, or to cuddle with. He is a listener, he understands you and will always be there for you. He's really a keeper!!

Jonni is a boy that everybody loves and want to get to know, especially the jenny's, they adore him.

You cant do anything but fancy this guy, Jonni!
boy1: "who is that boy, he's freakin' awesome"
Boy2: "Thats Jonni, he is the best"

girl1: "that is the most handsome boy I ever seen!!"
girl2: "I saw him first!"
by vpdlove22 February 14, 2012
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