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We were riding the bus in brazil, and she gave the best look in her face...the look of "I want to suck you dick right here, right now"... I could look in her eyes and see her desire, her eagerness to suck my cock right there and then.We proceed to the back of bus, and she starts to kiss me, and grab my dick... I could feel my balls and prostate trembling... wow the antecipation sure adds to "finale"She starts to whisper softly in my ears..." My pussy is so wet, I want to suck your cock, please put it in my mouth, I want you to cum all over my face"...She licked bit my nipples.slowly making her way down to paradise land.I am as hard as a balls started to tighten up as she sticks my hard cock farther down her wet mouth. she then spits on head and rubs it all over my hard cock.. she started to lick the head, and move her hand around my dick in a clockwise motion...I was going crazy, my balls were hard as she pressed up agaisnt my ever hard PROSTATE. The fact that we could´ve have been caught by surprise, added to the moment.Finally, my hard cock begin to pulse, and I could feel the cum going all over her mouth and throat, and she stroked it perfectly... I cummed like a fucking horse, all over her mouth... and she spontaneously swallowed every drop of my HOT CUM!!! Wow...that was the best blow job I ever had. She made sure to clean and lick every drop of cum from my dick.
She has the most beautiful mouth, wet tongue and thick lips, making it perfect to lick my hard cock. on this particular day I got 4 blow jobs from her. I am a lucky man as she is addicted to sucking and swallowing every drop of my cum.
by Da horse December 23, 2010
160 88
When us young ladies put our mouth's on a guys cock and suck repeatedly until they reach orgasm. Giving a blowjob should not be looked upon as a chore, but as a pleasurable thing for both involved. Be sure to pay attention to the whole penis, not just the head. Swirl your tongue around the tip while pumping him with your fist or both, if you like. Lovingly message his balls and always deepthroat it. Alternate your speed when sucking a cock, showing your guy that him coming in your mouth is your top priority. And when he does start to come don't stop what you're doing, suck until he's done. And always swallow with a smile.
I woke Jake up with a good morning blowjob
by She Who Loves To Suck May 11, 2005
36269 12652
To lick, blow, and suck on a mans dick. Proper technique including rubbing his balls with left hand, stroking dick with right hand in sync to the pace you are moving your mouth. To go all the way and deep throat is much desired, while doing this begin to hum and moan. This will send him up the wall. When he does reach orgasm and begin to cum swallow it, and lick it off of him. This will also drive him insane.

Like right now, i bet at least 5 guys reading this right now are jacking off fanticizing about someone doing this to them. Sorry guys, if I was there, u know I would. ;-)
When I deep throated him , he came instantly. So I drank and licked all the cum off him.
by CumDrinker August 08, 2005
18752 7922
the best five minutes of silence a married man can ask for.
"She kept on yakking and yakking about her friends that I finally shut her up by having her give me a blowjob."
by Gary March 01, 2004
20934 12116
Something I am very, very good at...and I swallow.
Last night I got down on my knees and gave him the best blowjob of his life.
by Jezebel April 09, 2005
16755 11551
One of the best parts of sex ever. This is when a woman performs oral sex to a man by putting her lips on his dick and sucks it hard and deep. This is for the mans to enjoyment and for the woman to give out of generously, curiously, or just plain loving to give blowjobs. Then after she performs this she can either swallow the cum or spit it out. I think swallowing is one of the sexiest things a woman can do so ladies SWALLOW ON and SUCK HARD.
Girl, you can sure suck on a dick. Now if you swallow it I may just marry you.
by KD1469 December 24, 2003
9778 6959
When I start to kiss down my boyfriends chest and stomach while pulling at his belt loops and pockets slowly getting down to his pants button which i unbutton with my teeth. Then i pull his pants down to about his knees and look up at him and smile. Then i slowly massage his balls with one hand and move my hand up and down his shaft while i slowly suck the head of his penis ever so lightly and swirl my tongue around the tip. i suck him a little bit harder and swirl my tongue faster. i suck harder as his dick slides farther down my throat and suck harder and harder and use my hand to jack him off at the base of his penis. He gets harder and harder and his penis throbs as he is ready to cum. I moan and suck harder and squeeze the base of his penis while i suck. He cums and the cum goes all the way down my throat, i look up at him and smile as a swallow it all.

THAT is a blow job.
It takes alot of practice to master the art of giving an AMAZING moan making blow job ;)
by Autumn_loves_you April 07, 2008
7458 4674
What happens to experimental 12-year-old boys if left alone around a vacuum cleaner for extended periods of time.
Prepubescent boys all know where to get good blow jobs--the utility closet.
by Lyra March 10, 2006
7998 5271