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A verb. To Tube something, meaning to search for something on
- I cant find that song. - Well "tube it" then.

- Never heard of him. Gotta "tube him" later.

- I was "tubing" around yesterday when i noticed this awsome singer! U just got to "Tube her"!
by Jesper Eriksson March 22, 2007
the act of being on youtube.
"what's good? nothinn, just tubin it."

"hey this is boring, let's tube it."

"ey i put that video on the tube if you wanna watch it."
by Dood 7X March 01, 2008
Shorthand for saying that you are going to watch something on You Tube.
I heard Florence and the Machine were on TV last night. I'll have to tube it.
by Ladyomygod January 22, 2011
As in "Google it," "Tube it" refers to look for something on YouTube.
#1: I'm looking for a demo on how to tie my shoelaces.

#2: Tube it. They've got everything on there.
by luapf May 10, 2010
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