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1 - Scottish slang meaning to hit something hard.

2 - Blootered - Drunk
1 - He is going to blooter that fitba'

2 - Look at the state of her she's totally blootered.
by Lambchops November 23, 2004
to blooter is to hit something with considerable force. to be blootered can mean either (1)being hit hard or (2)being very drunk (usually the latter)
(1)am going to blooter in that windae

i will blooter his lights out

(2) last night i was absolutly blootered man

am goin down to the pub to get blootered

by jimmy marshall October 21, 2007
Racist term for the only black waitress at your local Hooters.
We went to Hooters hoping to ogle some hot white meat and we got ourselves the Blooter instead!
by ICP 4EVA November 02, 2010
the stretching out with age of the anal sphincter causing a loose sounding flatulence that resembles a worn out woopy cushion
After bending over to pick something up, he arose, expelling gas and exclaiming, " I think my BLOOTERjust blowed out!"
by journeyman6 March 11, 2011
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