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shortening of Bloomingdale's department store
I just tried on an $800 coat at Bloomie's and put it right back on the rack because I'm not crazy!
by Jane100000 October 13, 2005
15 3
Bloomies are the signature ladies underware sold by Bloomingdales Department Store.
Dad, look what we bought in my first visit to the Bloomingdales flagship AND New York City... Bloomies!! Pink & white.
by Neelywohl October 14, 2009
1 3
Short hand for Bloomingdale's. It happens to be my favorite store... up there with Saks, Ralph and Barney's. They have basically anything a girl with an unlimited credit card could ask for: Juicy, 7's, True Religion, Citizens, R & R, C and C, Lacoste, Burburry, Marc Jacobs... you get the point. My personal shopper at the Bloomies in NYC is the shit.
Girl 1:So after founders day lets hit up Bloomie's, Saks, Barney's, RL and J Crew and call it a day.
Girl 2:Sounds good to me.
by Bronxville June 05, 2006
10 15