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shortening of Bloomingdale's department store
I just tried on an $800 coat at Bloomie's and put it right back on the rack because I'm not crazy!
by Jane100000 October 13, 2005
Bloomies are the signature ladies underware sold by Bloomingdales Department Store.
Dad, look what we bought in my first visit to the Bloomingdales flagship AND New York City... Bloomies!! Pink & white.
by Neelywohl October 14, 2009
Short hand for Bloomingdale's. It happens to be my favorite store... up there with Saks, Ralph and Barney's. They have basically anything a girl with an unlimited credit card could ask for: Juicy, 7's, True Religion, Citizens, R & R, C and C, Lacoste, Burburry, Marc Jacobs... you get the point. My personal shopper at the Bloomies in NYC is the shit.
Girl 1:So after founders day lets hit up Bloomie's, Saks, Barney's, RL and J Crew and call it a day.
Girl 2:Sounds good to me.
by Bronxville June 05, 2006
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