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shortening of Bloomingdale's department store
I just tried on an $800 coat at Bloomie's and put it right back on the rack because I'm not crazy!
#department store #bloomingdale's #expensive #rich #money #clothes #fashion
by Jane100000 October 13, 2005
kissing, having sex or fooling around with people you barely know. no strings attached. used on facebook.com as an option for what you're looking for.
That one guy's picture was hot, and I usually see him in the elevator, so I wrote him a message that he should hit me up for some random play.
#random play #sex #kissing #fooling around #making out #strangers
by Jane100000 October 13, 2005
This must be unique to NYU, because nobody I've talked to at any other school has heard of it. It's a small group of people from a larger lecture who have to meet with a grad student for a smaller class session that allows students to discuss the material covered in the lecture.
I might possibly pass my liberal art class because we discussed the lecture in my recitation.
#school #college #nyu #new york university #recitation #map #morse academic plan #class #lecture #graduate students
by Jane100000 October 14, 2005
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