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Bronxville is a country club in its self. Buzzing with blond wasps decked out in Lily Pulitzer and the occasional jap. Can you say Juicy Couture? Rich kids roll through the town's beautifully paved streets in daddy's SUV off to some sort of private lesson. Whether it be tennis or off to the barn we cover every prep sport. We usually spend the summer in the cape, the Hamptons or jet setting, to places you most likely cant afford. Its the kind of town where only those who can buy themselves in belong. Which is a very high price to pay since we are known as the upper east siders of westchester.
Bronxville is the shit.
by Bronxville May 20, 2005
Slave to the Grind is the best coffee shop known to mankind. Its not a starbucks in the sense its unique to Bronxville. This coffee shop keeps our town running and even the preppiest of preps drink their coffee.
Bronxvillian 1: Lets stop at slave to the grind.
Bronxvillian 2: Sweet. I could kill for a oreo brainfreeze right now.
by Bronxville May 20, 2005
Short hand for Bloomingdale's. It happens to be my favorite store... up there with Saks, Ralph and Barney's. They have basically anything a girl with an unlimited credit card could ask for: Juicy, 7's, True Religion, Citizens, R & R, C and C, Lacoste, Burburry, Marc Jacobs... you get the point. My personal shopper at the Bloomies in NYC is the shit.
Girl 1:So after founders day lets hit up Bloomie's, Saks, Barney's, RL and J Crew and call it a day.
Girl 2:Sounds good to me.
by Bronxville June 05, 2006

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