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Death Metal supergroup containing members from Edge of Sanity, Opeth, Katatonia and Hypocrisy. They play old-school Swedish death metal, basically just a big nostalgia fest for guys who are now all in prog-death bands.
When the sky turns black and natures sounds go mute,
The dead walk the earth,
Outnumbering the day,
All light peels away,
In the flickering sway of the suns last ray...
by Borknagar November 26, 2004
93 19
1. A hellacious and graphic murder that results in blood dripping all over the walls and puddles of blood of all sizes across the floor.

2. Aggresive deflowering of a virgin.

3. Can also be used to describe someone who got their ass kicked.

4. An Awkward bath time experience.
1. This guy must've been pissed off, he sure left one hell of a blood bath to be cleaned up.

2. Jon: I took no mercy on her and enjoyed a blood bath.
Hank: You sick fuck.

3. I beat his face in so bad that he was taking a blood bath.

4. I thought I was going to have a relaxing bathe, till I noticed the tub was full o' blood.
by Ted Palansky April 18, 2005
43 21
Any conflict (level is irrelevant) that formates into seemingly grauitous violence.
The greatest bloodbath in human history was the Battle of the Somme, in world war one.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
30 16
The sexual act of taking two or more girls virginity at once.
I didn't know that high school party would be such a blood bath
by DJR1986 August 25, 2010
8 2
fucking your girlfriend in the hot tub while she is on her period,and, or poping her cherie in the process.
all hail the mighty the mighty satan. blood bath.
by Ryan Joseph Steele June 23, 2007
13 12
one big charnel house.
In the 1990s Yugoslavia had a major blood bath.
by Jim Jupiter June 21, 2006
13 14
A name Aion players use to describe Vent-ventrilo
I'll get on blood bath to talk to you during our quest.
by THatscheap69 October 15, 2009
4 6