Blivit = a fat assed ugly women. Most blivits do not take very good care of their personal hygiene or themselves. Many blivits tend to be obese slobs, and make no effort to improve their personal appearance. These hags tend to live on junk food, pop and munchies - where are the doritos !

Many of these women tend to be so fat, that they are as obese as they are tall. The number of teeth remaining in these blivits tend to be a few - more teeth are missing, than are left remaining.

Bathing is usually a very low priority - in addition, these blivits tend to live like pigs - very sloppy living conditions.
A blivit usually has fewer teeth in their mouth than one can count on one hand - they are often as obese as they are tall. Daily hygiene is rare ...
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
Top Definition
10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag
her ass was two sizes too big for her jeans

her jeans are a blivit bag
by 2mchtrq September 12, 2005
10 punds of shit in a 5 pound bag, throw it at the wall and it goes blivit
what are you, a blivit?
by Levinator October 04, 2006
The technical term for lighting a fart.
Whooooa, were were at a party and Riley lit his fart! I now know I have seen a blivit with my own two eyes.
by Bull Sluice December 24, 2012
10 pounds of crap in a 9 pound bag
My day has been going so bad that all I need now is a Blivit
by Sandei Kirshen October 28, 2003
A paper bag filled with dog shit, placed on a doorstep and then lit on fire.
Did you see the look on that lady's face when she tried to stamp out that blivit?
by bakermania October 31, 2006
when you got to pass gas and accidentally shit your pants
I almost did a blivit
by flaming koolaid December 09, 2002

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