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Esteban is a cute and smart guy although you might not see it he has allot of expieriens and has an enormous dick he is strong but always trys to stay out of trouble he runs fast and learns to trust people

Once fallen inlove youl figure out how much u love him and you will never let go he has allot of respect and a good heart
Friend: my dog just died

Esteban:dont cry hes in a better place now
Friend: but i miss him so much

Esteban: i know how it feels.to lose some one but u gotta know he will always be in your heart and is some where undreamable

Esteban: do u understand
friend: yes thank you Esteban your a true friend
by levinator January 01, 2015
10 punds of shit in a 5 pound bag, throw it at the wall and it goes blivit
what are you, a blivit?
by Levinator October 04, 2006

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