a party with lots-o-booze
"hey, you goin to the blender on new years?"
by chanel aim: drunk sincerityx December 09, 2004
A mother who doesn't STFU, and is always constantly bitching about something or annoying you in someway or somehow. A mother who is constantly nagging about something or complains over and over non-stop about random BS.
Blender is going off again. MY blender is blendering. I am so sick of blender. Why does my blender always flip out and complain. I hate my blender.
by Stevie-Weevie October 29, 2010
group sex
"Man, were you there at the blender last night?!
"Naah, I was sick. How was it??"
"Dude, it was SICK. there were like 12 people there!"
"I can't believe i missed it!"
by _jeeeeeeny October 23, 2008
A person who always trying to blend in with the rest of the group
Man..you peep the blenders following us to the fight..fall back blenders
by Gunner March 10, 2004
A common kitchen appliance that is considered by people who would know to be much less elegant than toasters.

Also, the nickname of a certain low down dirty whore who happens to reside in Hinton James at UNC Chapel Hill.
Look at that ugly ass blender.

Look at that ugly ass, Blender.
by KingMarshall December 06, 2005
A woman who can perform oral sex like a blender.
I had a blender last night
by Richard Black December 30, 2003
Oral sex from a girl with braces
Temitra gave Dom a blender when they were hella crunk.
by Brett Everhart April 05, 2006

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