The answer to all questions, a means in wich people can show emotion, a realy fun word to say, life the universe and everything else.
Teacher: The square root of 86 is
Student: Bleh
Teahcer: THats right
Man to woman: Bleh
same woman to same man: realy? That is so sweet. Bleh
by Alex Bradley (adb007123) November 06, 2005
another word for meh- meaning you don't really give a shit
:Wadda ya havin for tea bradda
by Sam McKinnon August 29, 2006
1. An involuntary utterance signalling an autistic mental traffic jam.

2. An utterance accompanying premature ejaculation.

3. An utterance similar to nheygn with which someone of diminished capacity works themselves up to say something stupid.
"Bleh, I'm not sure if I'm gay or not"

"Bleh, I don't sleep with fuck off"

"Bleh, I got some stuff"

"Bleh, those girls totally got romped last night"
by Mr. Shwizzle January 07, 2009
-can mean whatever you want it to.
-you can shout it at someone u don't even know and when they look, just act like you are doing something else.
-to get someone's attention.
BLEH!!!!!!! BLEH!!!!!!! BLEH!!!!!!!
by Auston Cain/Ben Brisbois December 05, 2007
A word you use when when you are feeling like crap or when you are full from eating there is no word to describe it so you say bleh
O im sooo full bleh!!!
Bleh this day sucks
by Lauren James April 24, 2006
See meh.
An expresion of not givin' a fuckin' shit.
S:My dog just bit me!
A: Bleh.
by Sophie "Fang" Walker February 03, 2004
What Count Dracula would say while taking his Statistics Final.
by urmomeats October 14, 2009
anything bad or negative. Often used when saying something everyone is thinking but are too lazy to say it all...
The guy that stole the money is just bleh
by Brett A C August 09, 2007

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