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4 definitions by s0up

Average, "I dunno" sort of expression. Instead of a word you'd say 'bleh'.
Well, it was just kinda... bleh.
by s0up October 30, 2004
macdonalds treat for the leet
McRoffle, hold the lettuce
by s0up July 24, 2003
Said "oo-deh?". Meaning "Who are/is they/that for?"
(A walks in with pencils)
B: ude?
A: Uh... yeah.
by s0up October 31, 2004
Short for "Hajimemashite" - Japanese for "Nice to meet you". Adopted as a greeting and then shortened to "Hajime". Sort of said under breath; not like "HAJIME!!!! OMG OMG!!".
>Hajime, so what's going on?
by s0up October 30, 2004