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To regurgitate bile in the face of decency.

Verb inspired by column on Jack Layton by Christie Blatchford, a "journalist" who writes for the National Post.
On the day Jack died of cancer Christie blatched a hate-filled column describing him as "canny, relentless, thoroughly ambitious" because he had the audacity on his death bed to hope Canadians will choose love and hope over fear and hate.
by Mackenna2011 August 28, 2011
One who dedicates one's self to a particular sport to such an extreme it becomes annoying.
John: Yeah, I went to baseball practice yesterday. Did you?

Alex: Of course! It's only the best sport in the world! In fact, I just ordered three jerseys off of a baseball equipment website, and I subscribed to three wooden bat magazines last Monday. I'm still looking for an outfielder's glove and a catcher's mitt, though.

John: Dude, chill. You such a blatch about baseball.
by El NiNO ~ DABLE January 26, 2011
The darkened, or "tainted" area surrounding one's anal opening. Also known as "the Southern areola."
1. Let's touch blatches. Who's up for another round of blatchpong?
2. Oh my god, blatch bleaching!
3. His pursed lips pulsated like a blatch experiencing singular and chronic discomfort.
by Bhupathi October 01, 2014
Black Chick Snatch
Dude, I got a hold of some stinky blatch last night and I just can't get the smell off me.
by bloodfreckle May 21, 2013
Being of or pertaining to a race of unsightly creatures who roam around nocturnally terrorizing farm animals, small children, and disfigured old men.
by Melvin from around the way January 18, 2003
The noise that is made before vommiting
Who's puking in the bathroom? I heard some blatching going on?
by Grimice Jones January 18, 2003
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