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That feeling you get which tells you that something you're spending way too much time on is very important, yet moments after you complete it you feel like you've wasted your time.
P1: I just ordered all of my quills by size... what a load of Blark.
by Razikale February 13, 2013
Malgamation of the words Bleak and Dark insinuating soemthing so horrendous it is beyond description of the above words individually so they are used collectively
If you are really really broke. My finances are pretty Blark at the minute
by Nirps May 21, 2008
The most common noise emitted by a whale, specifically one of female gender. Over time the word has become used to refer to the actual whale itself as well. The weapon of choice for hunting whales is the harpoon.
(1) As a noise emitted by a whale:
Eric: "Hey ladies, how's it going?"
Whale 1: "Blark?!"
Whale 2: "Blark?!"
Pat: "Sweet!"

(2) As a reference to a whale
Justin: "Yo Ahab, want to harpoon that blark at your 6?"
by xsting July 19, 2006
An expression of shittiness

also see: sucks, blows
This blarks up the ass
by Alissa June 21, 2005
a mix of black and dark
i cant find my bike outside cos its pitch blark out there
by bing jillikers February 15, 2010
a sound made to express frustration, anger, randomness, pride, joy, or any other appropriate emotion; also to be found in a noun (you blark!), verb (let's go blark!) and adjective (a blarking good time) form
BLARK! That was my last tomato!
by Suzanne October 23, 2003
A synonym to "what" when it would be used with an exclamation point and a question mark.
Guy: I'm sorry, but it's just not working out.
Girl: Blark!?
by ThePurpleMage March 01, 2009

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