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A blamp occurs when a bin and a lampost are combined to create a useful urban realm product.
"Throw it in the blamp"
by jamesbrown84 December 18, 2008
A tee shirt company.

yo did you cop that new blamp tee?

if not check www.blampinc.com
by Lester J Nelson April 22, 2009
female breasts
"check out the blamps on that chick!"
by vook May 14, 2003
a godly figure, awesome at everything
damn u look like blamps
by joe39837 April 28, 2008
It is the last solid note on a heavy rock tune. The finisher. Hit that last chord real hard, and Blow your Amp. Blown Amp = Blamp.
AC/DC hit that last chord with a solid Blamp.

I like songs that end with a heavy Blamp.
by Pricefx August 24, 2010
Another word for food stamps.
You got lobster ?
YEP, paid for it all in blamps!
by Marveelus August 04, 2007
Alright. This person uses the word "blamp" in a different sense, and I find it unacceptable. The word "blamp" does not mean excrement.
Blamp is a sound that my friends and I, started making about 8 years ago. The sound resembles that of a retarded duck. A few weeks ago, I started using the word "blamp" as an adjective/noun/verb.
"So then she pulled it out, and it was blamped and swollen." (adv)
"I just got back from blamp, dude." (n)
"Oh yeah, I blamped the fuck out of her." (v)
by Devin Massengale November 23, 2004