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Definition: an abbreviation of the word Bitch usually used when someone is happy. Not used much in a deroggatory way
BackGround: From Internet
When you like something you say, Ya Bitt!
by USMangler July 20, 2004
19 8
A Clan Deets word, invented by "Kyle" AKA "Kybes" or "Kybes", mostly meaning Mother, or in some rare instances, Father.
"Bitts said I could come over tomarrow"
by Grand Master Yourik November 03, 2004
7 5
The shortened term of "bitch." Used when it is inappropriate to say the word "bitch" in front of women. Can also be a term of endearment.
Look at that bitt! Man, work was a real bitt today.
by feedbag January 14, 2005
2 8