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Thanks auf Deutsch
Danke fur mein koch rauchen Translation: Thanks for my cook smoke(verb)
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
Chatroom slang for "Thank You," usually used alone on a line.
(Aop sets mode +v StupidChatter)
StupidChatter: danke
by entivore October 06, 2003
A word of Germanic origin, meaning thanks/thank you; commonly used in in chatrooms and forums, almost singularly as a single-word response, and almost never sarcastically.
user1: Hey, can you unmute me? I'd like to talk in chat again.
user2: Eh, sure.
user1: Danke
by Hate9 May 12, 2015
Danke means 'Thank you' in swedish. Pronounced (Don-Kuh). Not to be confused with Dank which has a meaning of high quality.
Would you like some aebleskivers?
Danke! I'll take five.
by Greg Junell March 08, 2006
Danke, a slang term used for Dancing Mat games, commonly of the cathegory Dance Dance Revolution.
Term used mainly in Finland, origin of word unknown.
We and some friends had a danke-game last night.
by Andro Gynecol July 25, 2004
Calling someone or something danke means, thats soo cool, awsome, sweet and sometimes means it's funny.
"Wow who is that hot guy over there," " he's so danke!"
by Laurlaur06 March 27, 2010
Something that is cool, chill, and the like.
That car is so danke!!
by ash February 16, 2005
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