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It's the female latino gangsta version of "Muchaho" made from combining the words "bitch" and "muchcho". Bitchacho!
Where my bitchachos at!?
by Mikey The Comic August 04, 2009
A large group of women who are bitches towards you. Has a Mexican feel to it; as opposed to calling them 'bitches'.
'Hey look at that group of girls over there Tash'
'What a bunch of bitchachoes'
by ashtawkeh March 06, 2014
1. A bitch who bitches about everything
2. A friend
3. Somone's relatives
1. "That's a family of bitchachos."
2. "Hey, Fred, BITCHACHO. :)"
3. "Your mother is a bitchacho."
by GothGamerCX August 06, 2014