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When a girl has a flat, pancake-like ass.
A: "Damn, check out that girl ova there! She a dime!"

B: "Nah man, she gotta bisquick ass"
by seansauce26 March 25, 2010
when a male masterbates he fly catches his semen. He then smells his own semen
yo dude have you ever smelled your own jizz?

nah dude, why would i smell my own jizz

cause mine smells like i'm gettin ready for breakfast... bisquick!
by roundeye44 March 30, 2011
A sexual act when the male ejaculates into the female, and then the female deposits the load into a frying pan, making protein rich pancakes.
You know she's a keeper when she bisquicks on the first date.
by AyDiosBlumpkin January 17, 2011
A play on words of "ballistic".

1. Used to describe someone who is overtly angry for little or no reason.

2. Someone who is angry for a particular reason but drags in several other unrelated instances that further rage.
1. We were playing video games and we beat him, and then he just went bisquick on us.

2. You had better watch out, he's going bisquick over the dumbest things.
by Derick October 06, 2005
Abnormally sized nipples that resemble pancakes.
D-mo: check that that braud out, shes sportin some bisquicks!

B: Bisquicks?

D-mo: yeah bisquicks, you know those breakfast boobies, those pancake nipples!

B: Thats disgusting
by Ur A Weiner March 28, 2010
Meaning "piss quick." Usually said when drunk because you start slurring your words and "piss quick" just runs together, which comes out as "bisquick."
Dusty: Yo, I'll be right there, gotta bisquick.
Van: Alright man, I'll be at the Depot.
by Jefbag March 25, 2010
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