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When a girl has a flat, pancake-like ass.
A: "Damn, check out that girl ova there! She a dime!"

B: "Nah man, she gotta bisquick ass"
by seansauce26 March 25, 2010
a creepy that's what she said. when a person uses poor judgment when trying way too hard to be humorous. makes a level 1-4 creeper an automatic level 5. if someone uses a cwss, you should probably gtfo.
person 1 (jokingly): "Rape! Rape!"

person 2: "that's what she said!"

person 1: "wtf? usin a ctwss?"

person 2: "uhhhhh....wanna get somethin to eat?"

(person 1 slowly backs away)
by seansauce26 April 27, 2010
A phrase coined by a beautiful girl named Gabriella. Means to leave a place or situation that is boring to you. Much like makin like a banana or makin like a tree, to make like a baby means to head out like when a baby is born and comes head out through the mothers vajayjay.
Sean: "This party blows."

Gaby: "Yeah, lets make like a baby and head out."
by seansauce26 May 15, 2010

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