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penguin otherwise known as a BISH
by nickipinki March 23, 2010
7 11
like honey, lovey, darling, sweetheart and others--but for best friends only. Girl best friends only. Came from the word "Bitch" but this word is kinda harsh and bad so it was re-word to "Bish"
girl 1: Hi Bish!! I miss yah already.
girl 2: Bishhhhh!! Glad to see you i miss yah too :)
by salwksjfnelkjfh4b August 28, 2010
3 9
the spanish slan word for male organ
El bish breaks everyone. Your such a Bish Face
by el bish June 14, 2010
0 7
Another term for bitch
That hoe is a straight bish
by kmrt September 02, 2008
8 15
A Retard slur for the english word Bitch. How a retarded person says bitch.
I'ma put you to sleep bish!
What the hell you lookin at bish?!
by Knight Ridah July 22, 2008
17 24

A contraction of 'Bishop', used in the Church of England for the more popular of Bishops.
The new Bish is a nice fella
by black flag June 20, 2004
36 43
An unclassified miniscule organism that is native to South America. Key characteristics include, unnaturally large eyeballs, a thick coat of fur, and a lack of skeleton (globular-shaped organism).

Bishes ihhabit the inside of cacti and are not exposed to large amounts of sunlight, which accounts for their naturally large eyeballs. They have a thick fur coating year-round, which protect them from predators. Their body shape is not distinct as they lack a skeleton. Their method of movement can be described as being "slink-like", quite like the famous "Slinkies" of the 1990s.

Mother bishes are conisderably larger than their offspring and are very protective of their young. They exhibit maternal characteristics similar to mother chimpanzees. Mother bishes consume the inner walls of the cacti they inhabit and process the cacti material so it is suitable for safe consumption for their offspring.

Bishes are a newly discovered species and are undergoing much investigation in order to be properly classified. Some have been captured and have been successfully domesticated to serve as household pets.

"Hey! Look at that bish!"

"You ate all my food, you mother bish!"

"Wash your bishes!"
by Discover Science March 18, 2009
90 98