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Short for bishounen, translated roughly meaning "pretty boy." Used for attractive male anime characters, and sometimes real life. Generally they are sort of girlish looking.

Generally used by rabid anime fans who can't spell bishounen so they shorten it.
OMG, he's so bishie, he'z mine!!111one
by Splintered February 17, 2005
Short for bishounen which aproximately means Beautiful boy
Yukis is my faverite anime bishie
by Fawn January 15, 2005
In English this functions as an adjective and a noun but in Japanese Bishounen and Bishoujo are only nouns.

Originally from the Japanese word: Bishounen Bi, sho, nen.
Each character meaning: Beautiful small year; respectively, roughly meaning "pretty boy"

Pretty girl is somewhat different: Bi sho jou.
Again each character meaning: Beautiful small woman, respectively. Roughly meaning "pretty girl"
He is the biggest bishie.

He is so bishie.
by Gekiganfan March 19, 2008
Noun- a term used to refer to beautiful boys, not men. They often have feminine features and alot of times can be mistaken for a girl by a non-fAnimers.

Contrary to popular belief, this term isn't really a shortened form of "bishounen". It is used to refer to boys under the age of fourteen.
Sora (Kingdom Hearts) is a bishie.
by vampwhisper October 22, 2009
A guy whom you find hot and/or have a crush on.

A shorter version of the Japanese word bishounen.
Melissa and Cassie think Brian is hot, but he is MY bishie.
by sHiNtSuKi-PeNgUiN June 13, 2004
A hot guy or girl (usually guy).

Derived from the Japanese "bishounen" and "bishoujo".
"Check out this picture of Orlando Bloom, he's such a bishie!"
by Ashibaka October 13, 2002
1. A sexy male ( or female, mosty males) you have the hots for.
1. " Dude! look at Riku he is my bishie!"
by mariah December 29, 2004
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