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4 definitions by l7ol7e

short for bitch, but used in a playful sort of way. Not intended to be hurtful and often used between friends.
OMG bish, you took forever to call me back!
by l7ol7e March 14, 2005
a non-Asian gay man who is attracted to Asian men
Joe is such a rice queen that he goes to the asian supermarket just to check out the guys.
by l7ol7e March 13, 2005
1) adj. alittle bit overly sentimental

2) adj. soft and malable
1) That movie would have been better if they didn't make it so mushy.

2) I like mushy fruit like bananas, peaches, and tomatoes.
by l7ol7e March 13, 2005
n. one who does not know the meaning of the word mericicant
You are no longer a mericicant.
by l7ol7e March 13, 2005