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walking home still wearing your clothes from the night before the morning after staying over at a guy/girl's house that you met at bar or party. Alcohol is usually involved in your decision to go home with them.
she took The Walk of Shame, still wearing her dress and heels, at 6am.
by G-spot February 24, 2004
of British origin, meaning a slobbering blob of a girl who hangs out at shady bars hoping for some action.
So I tell the swampdonkey to sock it before I give her a trunky in the tradesman's entrance and I have her lick me yardballs.
by G-spot June 27, 2004
adj.- more sexy than usual.
"I'm feeling whole wheat tonight, Mom."
by g-spot August 14, 2003
A man with a heart of courage, who has reached stud-like status.
Now that man is a shambie!
by G-Spot July 23, 2003
AzN slang for bitch. My friends thai roomate can't pronounce bitch so she says bish instead.
Bish, why you off flip me? Why you flip off me, bish?
by G-Spot March 01, 2003
skinny- in a lame dork kinda way
yo look at that limbo wanna-be bill gates.
by G-Spot October 10, 2003
A white kid that tries to act Asian.
by G-Spot March 01, 2003
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