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A large painful pimple located on either or BOTH ass cheeks.
"Man, I have a pimple on my ass..."you have a BIMPLE?"

"I just sat on my bimple and it hurts like hell!"
by ChristinaASHLAYEE February 02, 2008
A large pus filled postule located in or near the circumfrence of the ass cheek area, with a red protuding teet surrounded by a swollen areola.
1. Guys I have a bimple on my cheap ass cheek. The pain is dibilitating!
by Taylor, Jenny and Pearce January 30, 2009
Bum dipples, that appear below the mid back. Also know as divets just above the booty.
Wow thoses Bimples draw so much attention to that yellow bikini.
by Clint Bowman February 28, 2008
simple bimbo, someone who is stupid beyond belief
wow i can't believe that bimple beat me in the math quizz. I should run for bimple president....
by jenforever June 21, 2008
A combination of the words BIG and Pimple. BIG + PIMPLE = bimple.
Becky: Dang... i got a bimple last night..and PROMS TOMMORROW!:
Krista: Lets do surgery on it tonight!
by Vanessaa February 09, 2008
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