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The sexy peice of shit ever!!
"Man i saw this chick the other night man she was looking bill!!"
by Sweet Billy Boy March 12, 2007
63 72
bilges, bongs, bowls, waterpipes
Basic Sentence:"Nath is smoking bills!"
Combination:"Steady punchin those bills."
by Dr. Bong August 14, 2003
10 20
Being a bitch! Bitch! act of being a bitch!
Stop being a little Bill about the this situation!

Quit Billin at me!
by steeplewater September 26, 2010
14 25
refers to money in denominations of 1000
A: lemme get 5 bills playa
B: you mean $5000? ok here ya go
by got these bills February 16, 2011
2 15
A person, most usually male, that meanders about office spaces looking to harass nice women in the form of absurd comments and uses random and inane approaches with the hopes of enticing his prey into his lair - this is always met with failure and rejection, but somehow manages to excite and energize this person into starting the vicious and vain attempt again.
Quiet, here comes Bill.
by Kingu93 November 18, 2010
7 20
nice bill
Taz, Billy-goat, Billygoata, Bill ya pissed?
by Justagoodassguy October 20, 2010
3 18
Papers you get in the mail after using your Visas, Master Cards, American Express ect.
Mom: Honey stop using your credit crads so much. Bills are piling to our heards!

Dad: Its not just me. Someones been taking my visa and spend $57,000 on a daimond ring.

Mom: "Faints"

Dad: Oh holy lord plase help us!
by *Lyn March 25, 2006
9 24