The most amazing guy ever. Seriously sweet, hilarious, so loving his girlfriend has no idea what to do with herself. He's the best person she's ever had the pleasure of being close to. He may be a bit jealous at times but it doesn't matter because he's got a ton of really good qualities. A Bill likes long relationships and is very good at knowing how to keep his girl. He makes you feel confident and able to be yourself around him. He has the ability to calm others. Super silly (: but always my favorite.
A group of friends is arguing in the hallway when Bill walks in.

the arguing stops.
by kelsiefaceee(: July 26, 2009
Buffalo pro football team; been to 4 straight Super Bowls (1990-93)and lost them all; currently are building what should be a hell of a team in 2004
Aw, the Bills, the dudes who lost 4 straight Super Bowls, including the 1 that had that famous missed field goal
by Say What? March 23, 2004
1. (Verb) To shoot and kill someone with one shot or burst, usually in an intense situation.
Blood: Yo they trying to cap us son!
*Heavy Gunfire*
Blood 2: I know nigga, put a bill on those bitches!
by BigDawgAug August 07, 2009
The sexy lead singer of the band, Tokio Hotel. Funny and caring about the people around him and he loves candy and his fans. Always has the best and sexiest hair.
Person1- Hey, did you watch Naruto last night?
Person2- No, i was watching Bill
Person1- Who's Bill?
Person2- the lead singer of tokio hotel
by Yuki Kaulitz November 10, 2009
Buffalo football team who lost 4 straight Super Bowls in the early 90s
Look, the Bills lost another Super Bowl
by 0000 October 16, 2003
Someone who is a fucking cock sucker. A "Bill" has no regard for other people and certainly does not have the phrase "Bros Before Hoes" in his vocabulary. Someone who follows this formula may be considered to be "Billish."
Mike: Hey man, wait up, I have to put my books away.

Myq: Nah man I've gotta look out for myself here and get to class.

Mike: Wow okay, that's pretty Billish of you.
by Fuck Bill March 04, 2015
Derived from the saying "Billy Big Bollocks"

Bills can be easily identified on a night out by their shit one-arm tribal tattoos, garish Ralph Lauren polos and their love for sniffing overpriced and overcut cocaine. Most bills work on building sites but big time bills are always scaffolders.
Jeremy: "look at that cunt at the taxi rank giving me evils"

Timothy: "yeah he looks like a right bill"

Bill 1: "fuck me that powders a bit heavy ain't it geez"

Bill 2: "that's a nice ralph you've got there son"

Bill 3: "look at that little treacle crossing the road i bet she's up for a bit of how's your father"
by RouxRouxShikka October 21, 2014

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