1. To aggressively but subversively eliminate competition by means of absorbtion, forced obsoletion or gross promotion.

2. To make something proprietary to the point it functions poorly.

3. To weigh down or otherwise impede normal operation.

1. The infection was billgating healthy cells.

2. The new car design was attractive, but the engine was billgated to the point where it would only run on gasahol.

3. After skating through the mud my wheels were totally billgated.
by Thrakamazog May 15, 2003
Someone who appropriates the work of others to achieve fame and fortune, claiming that it was their idea all along, and often making simple changes in its appearance to make it appear to a be a new idea.

Origin: Trey didn't write DOS, Tim did, but after buying the Quick'n'Dirty DOS dirt cheap, Trey then seat-licenced it to IBM for their nifty new "personal" computer for 30 bucks a pop. Millions of dollars later, he could afford to beg, buy borrow or steal most of the other nifty original ideas thought up by truly innovative minds during the 1980s and 1990s. The millions became billions and the rest became history as you know it.
Eventually the will be reduced to just ' gates', so 'doing a gates' and 'gating someone'.
"Hey, that luca dude is a bit of a Bill Gates."
by The Hupester April 28, 2015
Verb; To rich-up something; to make wealthier.
My stock broker billgatesed me but good with that latest tip.
by Tarrasque November 19, 2002
As of 2009, the 3rd richest man in the world, he has made our lives easier through Microsoft and has redefined many times the meaning of "Personal Computer". Bill Gates, along with Steve jobs, have made our lives easier ever since the 1990's with the internet and the pc's and macs, and even though there's controversies about which is better, deep down, we all know there equal. He has donated billions of dollars to charities and will keep on doin' it until he's out of money. He is a good man and therefore deserves to be respected.
"If you had a chance to meet bill gates, would you do it?"

"no, he's a nerd"

" Well he's a rich nerd"

"I don't give a crap, hes lame."

" You're a retard."
by Ricky000 January 11, 2009
A fictitious man who likes to say newbish phrases ("evil minds think alike"). Also valid in the shortened form of "billg".
Billg roxxors!

It is of my professional opinion that this circumstance can be fixed by only one man: Billg Ates
by theplant November 08, 2003
Phrase to be used sarcastically when referring to someone with little or no skills on the computer.
Person 1: "How do I get songs on my playlist?"

Person 2: "Drag and drop, biatch. Damn, you a regular bill gates on that shit."
Openings in fences (gates) where you go to settle debts (bills).
Mark: "Oh shit!!! I need to pay off my credit card debt, but all my money is in these damned Sacajawea coins!"
Tim: "Don't sweat it, man. Sacajaweas are as good as real money over there at the bill gates."
by Nick D February 02, 2006

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