Currently the riches person on Earth with about 50 billion dollars. He also created Windows which eliminated the hassle of using MS-DOS for computer users.
Bill Gates needs to give me some money
by Mister Happyface March 12, 2005
Was not the inventor or creator of windows. he actually tricked some other guy into selling DOS to him dirt cheap, and ended up making millions off of it.
MY name is Bill Gates, and I am not creative, neither is microsoft. We steal our ideas.
by Wowdizzle June 05, 2006
One of the only people in the world who can rip off someones idea and make MORE money, then continue copying them for years and years.
That n00b stole my idea! He's the next Bill Gates!
by Max Rose October 04, 2008
Greedy egotistical schmuck, who apparently wrote all his own definitions for this website, puffing his own hat for "philanthropy" and some kind of "brilliance". When, in actuality, he is the author of nothing, the thief of DOS, plagiarist of everything else, and the first scam artist to rip off IBM on a "per-code-line" rate (which is why his software is so fat). Worse, whenever a postal employee or a Columbine freak goes off on a mass-slaughter raid, you should suspect Bill Gates, because his software is so lame, so defective, so ugly/insensitively fonted, violates privacy, and so crash-prone, it is the greatest source of human rage on this planet at any given moment. Philanthropy? This guy insists on imprisoning teachers for unlicensed installations in tenement schools worldwide, and Microsoft is the ONLY software company that refuses to give software to ANY non-profit organization. Generous? No way. Now, on a personal note, I went to a conference on standards back in the late 80s, and had the misfortune of sitting next to this freak. He smelled obscene. Both of us, on either side of him, were gagging for 2 hours. Discovered later (testimony from one of his early girlfriends) that the guy had such bad hygiene, he actually turned his underwear inside out, to extend their "use". Bill Gates is the reason LINUX was invented -to escape lousy MS-software!
The guy next door never bathes, smells like a sewer, never tips my daughter when she serves him in the restaurant, and he stole all the cook's recipes for his own rat-infested restaurant. He is a real Bill Gates.
by DanaSaur March 05, 2007
A shrewd businessman who was smart enough to jump on the gravy train when IBM decided to start producing personal computers. Gates was able to bind IBM to an operating system which he did not even own at the time he was first dealing with IBM, and because of the international clout of IBM, everyone started using the IBM "AT" (Advanced Technology) machines and so pretty soon the IBM operating system began to be the world standard.
At this point, the world benefitted because prior to IBM, there were many different operating systems, but Bill Gates was not satisfied to be known as the unifier of operating systems and instead he greedily attempted to make sure that computer programs would only run, or would run best on his own "operating system" which has "secret code" which can easily disable programs produced by others.
Bill Gates' company was finally sued for monopolistic practices by the USA, and in the first lawsuit Microsoft agreed that the definition of an operating system is the system in the computer which connects the motherboard chip of the computer to the peripherals of the computer, such as the keyboard, monitor, drives, etc. so that the main board and the peripherals are interconnected as of course they must be.
Gates consented to the definition of an "operating system" in the decree but then illegally was able to contemptuously extend the "operating system" to include other things such as Web Browsers and other desktop programs such as "Office" so that he gained even more control over the desktop and the Web Browsers, which he had not at first recognized as being potentially a big market. By contemptuously but de facto extending the definition of the operating system in this manner he was able to extend his control over the pc even more. In this illegal way he was also able to also profit from programs produced by his own company which would only run on his extended system with its secret code. His criminal extension of his monopoly into the internet and the desktop is not fooling the European powers who have ordered Gates to produce a basic, truly defined operating system upon which any other computer program may run without his interference.
Gates pretends in a showy way to be a philanthropist but he only gives about .01% of his obscene wealth to liberal charities, while in truth his criminal greed has kept computing power out of the hands of the common man because his chicanery has led him to expect and receive a big payment out of every single pc sold, so that if he keeps getting his way, none of the world's common men and women will ever be able to afford a pc of their own. His greed and avariciousness, because of these illegal, monopolistic and lawless practices, is beyond compare. That he is up to his same old tricks is shown by how he has just recently used his expanded system to keep the company Google from running its universally respected search engine on his latest system so that users can only use his own search engine on his system. What a surprise!
The USA should begin condemnation actions against his company so that computing power can truly be released to all the people. In the condemnation trial, we would hope the jury would give him and his shareholders ZERO RECOVERY because of the fact that the current position the company is in was acquired by illegal and unethical practices, and he should be jailed for contempt of court regarding the first anti-trust action where he himself agreed to the limited definition of an operating system.
When people's good deeds are counted up on judgment day, Bill Gates is sure to be one of the many that are denied entry into the renewed Garden of Eden, and he will surely be burned to a crisp because of his selfishness, lies and greed.
Bill: how much do you think your uncounted earthly riches will help you at that time? You are advised to make a public dedication of your system before it is too late.
It's no use for us to try to develop that new program you are thinking about because you will first have to go to Bill Gates to make sure he will let us run the program on his desktop; and chances are when we see him that he will steal our idea just like he did with the Apple Macintosh icon oriented command line system and all those others.
by pamschel July 05, 2007
Bill Gates is that guy who sold his soul for the ability to become rich, rip people off easily and to buy his way out of any court case.
Bill Gates is a bad, bad man.
by Zed_eX May 15, 2005
The greatest con artist, thief, and criminal who ever lived. In the total 30+ years that his company, Microsoft, was in existence, they have yet to produce one halfway decent product. Everything they make is a rip off of another companies product (Windows = Mac OS, Xbox = PlayStation, Zune = iPod, etc).
A message Bill Gates always sees when creating a new version of Windows "Are you sure you want to change all words beginning with "Mac OS" located on the volume Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg to "Windows?"
by Justingraziano July 28, 2008

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