My future ex-wife. The one and only Big Red aka Bigz aka Biggie Bigz aka Notorious R-E-D.
Me: Yo, Heavy D, where's Bigz at?

D: Big Red's on the way, my man.
by Ham Dagger November 19, 2006
1. A character in a joke.
There was this undertaker who was washing a dead guy and he was thinking how big his pecker was.

So, he cuts it off and puts it in his pocket to take home to show it to his wife.
When he gets home he takes it out of his pocked and shows it to her.
she says "oh no. Big red's dead!".
2. the penis
1. Did you hear the one about big red.
2. My big red's on hard.
by Deep Blue 2012 August 04, 2009
a codeword for a guy getting turned on.
We played the sour patch game and all the guys got big red!
by Jennnifer Noel December 31, 2006
also known as the red-haired, red-complexion'd, red car'd... megan elizabeth white
big red, why don't you ever wear red, silly?
by wild one April 22, 2005
light skinned, black female. Usually full-figured.
Big red sure is fine.
by Danielle January 16, 2005
A red, nasty drink that tastes like bubblegum, vanilla, and pedialite. A favorite among niggas and beaners.
"How come in San Antonio all there is is Big Red to drink?" -Seth

"That's cause we're in beaner infested San Antonio." -Tim
by Skeet Magee May 04, 2007
A mix of acne and poison oak to from a red blot betwene the eyes that scars and dosnt leave.
Yo did you guys see scott holmes? he looks like kid buu hes got some big red shit all over his face
by Boose Is Straight June 01, 2006

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