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Under the influence of marijuana particularly or, more generally, other recreational drugs.
'Does your dealer do good gear?'
'Fuck yeah! After, like, a couple of tokes you're totally bifted'
by Bill December 04, 2003
a word used instead of things like gutted, merked etc...
wheyyy you got totally bifted
by Razer349 December 21, 2009
Messed up; jacked up; skidded

Commonly used as "bifted up" or "bifted on". Present tense is "bift"
Person: *rips paper* "dang I bifted up my paper"

Person: *falls on face*
Me: "did you see that? He just bifted on his face."

Me: "Don't bift up the project"
by saywhatt September 18, 2013
Snowboarding Term:
Wipe Out; Fall; Loose control
"You totally Bifted on that last jump"
by BeastieBoy712 May 05, 2003