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7 definitions by Prometheus

Best engineering school ever, located in the worst city ever, Flint, MI. Formerly known as GMI (General Motors Institute).

82% men, 100% sausage fest.
Guy 1: I'm going to Kettering for Mechanical Engineering!
Guy 2: I feel sorry for you dude.
by Prometheus September 17, 2004
105 26
like buttload, a term used to describe a large quantity of something
Holy shit! That's an ass ton of rock!
by Prometheus February 17, 2003
10 3
A Cannabis ciggarette. See joint
Hey, you gonna pass that bift or get married to it?
by Prometheus July 29, 2003
9 6
Penis of enormous proportions.
Dont slap me with your monster schwanzer!
by Prometheus July 29, 2003
4 1
Fucking stupid. Someone who is unbelievably dimwitted. Often used in conjunction with fugly.
Dude, the girls that live in the dorms are fugly and fstupid
by Prometheus September 22, 2004
4 7
an abnormally large quantity of something
"Man, I don't have any quarters for laundry. I should ask John, I hear he makes buttloads."
by Prometheus February 17, 2003
3 10
Another name for a lady friend. your woman.
"what you can't come? well bring your wuzza!"
by Prometheus October 20, 2004
13 24