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Best engineering school ever, located in the worst city ever, Flint, MI. Formerly known as GMI (General Motors Institute).

82% men, 100% sausage fest.
Guy 1: I'm going to Kettering for Mechanical Engineering!
Guy 2: I feel sorry for you dude.
by Prometheus September 17, 2004
like buttload, a term used to describe a large quantity of something
Holy shit! That's an ass ton of rock!
by Prometheus February 17, 2003
Penis of enormous proportions.
Dont slap me with your monster schwanzer!
by Prometheus July 29, 2003
A Cannabis ciggarette. See joint
Hey, you gonna pass that bift or get married to it?
by Prometheus July 29, 2003
Fucking stupid. Someone who is unbelievably dimwitted. Often used in conjunction with fugly.
Dude, the girls that live in the dorms are fugly and fstupid
by Prometheus September 22, 2004
an abnormally large quantity of something
"Man, I don't have any quarters for laundry. I should ask John, I hear he makes buttloads."
by Prometheus February 17, 2003
Another name for a lady friend. your woman.
"what you can't come? well bring your wuzza!"
by Prometheus October 20, 2004

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