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bo and bice can be used interchangeably when greeting someone referring to somebody or to describe actions or situations that are good.

if someone greets you with a bo you must return the greeting with a bice and vice versa
if you reply to a bo with a bo
or a bice with a bice it is seen as disrespect
close friends incorporate bo and/or bice into eachothers nicknames

it orginated from the word bro but was shortened and then bice was added to it
guy 1:yooo what up bo
guy 2 :not much bice how you been
guy 1:im good
example 2 verbs or situations
"yo im bice'in up on madden"
guy 1 :what are you doin tonight?
guy 2:I dont no probaly just bo'in up with some boskis
nicknames- joe turns to bo
anything that rhymes with bo or bice is switched to bo or bice such as a last name like Wice
by Bo Bice November 28, 2007
The process of being in the company with a boss when you yourself is a boss also.
Damn Steve and Jonathan just whooped all 8 of those dudes in beer pong" "Bice!!
by baucex2 June 21, 2011

Can be used as a noun e.g. 'a large bice' or a verb 'I'm going to bice'.

It originates from the Swedish word 'bajs' which means faeces.
"I really need to drop a bice after that kebab I ate last night."

"Where are you going, Pete?"
"To bice."
by SusieQ May 21, 2008
A close male friend that could be interchangeably used with "bro" or "brother." Only used to signify the very best of friends who's stature is comparable to a family member.
You're my Bice for life!
We are the best of Bice.
by ltwhiteagle January 03, 2012
B-Ice is a name given to one who is awesome, rich, and possibly ganster.
"Man did you see Brian yesterday?"
"Ya he looked nice like B-Ice."
by Greg Adams October 07, 2007
The new nice (created when nice was said with a cold.)

Did you see that guy on Scarred? He ripped his nutsack open on a sharp rail it was totally bice.
by Scott C L April 27, 2007
(verb) To begin a task with ambition and energy only to realize shortly into the effort that there is a good way to justify simply not doing it and in the interim attach its uselessness to a societal ill.
"Everyone knew, as soon as he began refurbishing that old tank of crap, that he would bice the whole project in a day or two."
by Reeta Schmaltzy April 20, 2005