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A person who is bisexual, but is pissed off when the subject of them being bisexual is brought up.
Stacey threw a fit of bi-furious rage when I asked her if she was also into women.
by jayrad February 09, 2008
Bi-furious describes a person who becomes enraged when they are constantly asked whether they're gay or straight.
Another girl at the office asked David if he was gay and he went completely bi-furious on her ass.
by Ash Flanders June 26, 2005
The act of being super bisexual. This is used for uber bisexuals that enjoy what they do.
John: Did you hear that Jessica is bisexual?
James: Yeah, actually I heard she is bifurious.
John: What is bifurious?
James: Someone who is uber bisexual, and enjoys having bisexual sex a lot.
by Ubiquitous-Steven December 14, 2010
When one becomes so pissed at the opposite sex they feel compelled to dabble with the same sex.
For girls: Guys are so stupid. I might as well just be bi-furious and date some chick.

For guys: Girls are so stupid. I might as well just be bi-furious and date some dude.
by bskaggs450 August 11, 2011
a term used to describe a person who becomes enraged at the very sight of a gay, bisexual, or bicurious person.
Gay person: "oo i feel so gay today."
by Ahomophobe February 01, 2008
when someone doesnt know if they are gay or straight and is very angry by this situation
man 1:"oh my god, fit woman at 7 o'clock"
man 2 : "yeah she is fit , and look at him over there, wow im gonna go talk to him"
man 2: "dude, thats a dude!"
man 1: "oh my god, im bicurious , aaarrggghhh im going to shoot myself because now im bi-furious!"...(gunshot)
man 2:"well, guns can stop aids!"
by i did this coz im bored August 13, 2009
The mental state of a striaght man following an incident of homosexual rape.
Holy fuck that guy just fucked me in the arse without asking. I'm fucking bi-furious about it
by jippontheduds May 11, 2010