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The muscle in a female gang.
When the homegirl turned stoolie the boss sent the Bethman in!
by Snoot March 17, 2003
The best "Man" at a lesbian wedding. This is a very common expression in San Francisco.
The Bethman handed Butch the ring.
by Doug Smith March 17, 2003
Derogatory East coast slang meant to describe an angry lesbian.
SHe turned into a real Bethman when she caught her girlfriend with a guy!
by Eastern Larry March 17, 2003
A burly female who empties bed pans in a nursing home.
The Old man groped the Bethman while she emptied his bed pan.
by Not a Democrat March 17, 2003
A tatooed female arm wrestler.
Bill was knocked out of the contest in the first round by that huge Bethman!
by Bethman's Brother! March 17, 2003
A know-it-all intellectual lesbian. This is a gay subculture definition we use in the Southeast (Alabama)
I am so tired of listeing to Bethman over there running off at the mouth about shit she doesn't really know about!
by Bruce March 27, 2003
A woman that needs to shave every morning to avoid being visited by side show recruiters.
My sister has a 3 o'clock shadow. What a Bethman!
Did you smell that Bethman's Cheap AfterShave?!?
by Tim Freckman March 14, 2003
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