The opposite of an alpha male, someone who seeks acceptance from a woman and is needy.
Platter: You begged her to go out with you and said you were sorry a bunch of times?

Sherlock: Yeah I went beta on her, at first I was alpha but later I became beta after she rejected me
by the AK July 11, 2008
While considered by many to be inferior to Alpha, Betas are known by secret groups around the world such as the Illuminati to be by far the most superior. Betas simply feign innocence and inferiority to plan world domination and to overthrow their 'superiors' at a planned date. If you are a Beta, you are either a genius, or someone of unparalleled awesomeness. Do not tease betas for they are unrelenting in their revenge. Betas have been responsible for manipulating the modern world, being responsible for many key events in world history, such as the French Revolution (1789), WW2 (1939), and many others. Betas also know Chuck Norris's true name.
Goku:Yo dawg, go kill yourself
Beta:I'm a Beta
Goku:Oh. Please don't hurt me.
by _frontline_special_ March 28, 2015
This can refer to many things, like the second letter of the greek alphabet, software in development, or a person.

In the case of a person, a beta male is submissive, clingy, indecisive, weakminded, and unconfident. He can't deal with confrontation or challenges. He lets things happen instead of taking action.

When it comes to women, he either sucks up to them and loses their respect, or is too afraid to pursue them. If he does get a girlfriend, he makes too many demands on her, and either drives her away or becomes locked into servitude. The hoverhand is one of the surest signs of a beta.

Overall, he is the opposite of an alpha male.
Did you see him spam that girl's facebook page full of messages without getting a response? That was really beta.
by Xcalibur201 November 27, 2014
1. (n) "Son" in Hindi and various other Indian languages.

2. A catchall phrase, often yelled, that functions as a noun, adjective, or verb, often used to describe anything that is awesome, cool, amazing, or having anything to do with Taghavi and/or Aggarwal
Beta, have you done your homework yet?

yo that party was so BETA
by TheMitten November 18, 2012
Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin Adversary to human race. Official name for the grotesque alien creatures of the Muv Luv visual novel/anime franchise. Identification tips of most BETA types: multiple limbs on lower body, phallic head, giant mouth with only molars. All other alien organisms associated with identified BETAs are their more dangerous cousins.

They can and will consume everything in their path if not stopped by 36MM chaingun fire. Don't panic if you think this description fits some humans you know.
A: You're such a dickhead for helping yourself to my fridge.
B: I'm practicing my BETA imitation routine! (bites A)
by John Doe sports version March 24, 2013
A guy who worships his girl in a toolbag sort of way. Also a loser, or someone who is not exactly the "alpha" in the social wolf pack.
Dude Scott is such a Beta, his girlfriend isn't even that good looking!
by betawolph December 07, 2011
in reference to beta max, which was a lesser version of VHS in the 70's & 80's
she needs to get her hair done, that shit looks beta!
by brooklynne February 08, 2009

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