Short form for better, can be used in sms, msn, or some written form in an informal way.
Not recommended for resumes, essays or anything where spelling is a concern.
i lyk this shoe beta
by qwertyhuiop July 10, 2008
A very large penis.
Jester has a very nice Beta.
by PG Cheez July 24, 2010
Most beatiful girl ever, amazing in all ways possible.
I love you beta :D -timbitz
by Roger472340957 November 10, 2010
A japanese fighting fish. The males, when put in tanks together flare their gills and fight until one dies.
My beta will kick your beta's ass!
by Lazy Time Waster December 17, 2004
Software so poorly written, the creators deny that it is in its final form.
Windows is not beta because the creators do not try to hide their poorly written code - they sell it.
by Jon August 11, 2004
Something that may have seemed superior and was popular, but for reasons either by their own fault or by others, it was replaced. Comes from the battle of the video tape format BETAMAX and VHS in the 80's
Anything SONY touches.

the PS3 going to go beta

ab: You used to be so cool. what happened?
jl: don't know
ab: you're so beta

by AbJl March 16, 2007
Known to take any event and: add beer, break stuff, fuck shit up more than any other organization known to man.
Dude, beta.
by anonymous April 16, 2004

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