Beta is French for Humongous Genetals. The renaissance brought many things to humanity aswell as a word for a big penis. They pronounce it an "o" instead of the "E" in Beta.
I played with my Beta all day , so now I am Le tired.
by Bryan March 27, 2005
1 n. sadest and lowliest of the greek letters, often murderous and vile.
beta killed my uncle.
by albert einstien March 05, 2004
a bunch of roided out jocks
Those betas have small dicks
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
Short for the english word better.
Lets make things beta!
by Fralle April 25, 2006
A Chuntarro or just a Stupid Homosexual. Therefore a Stupid Chuntarro Homosexual...who is always the bottom boy.
Person 1:That stupid faggot looks like he recieves it in the asshole.

Person 2: Fuckin' Beta!!(Referring to the Stupid Faggot)
by EtaAlpha August 09, 2006

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