Someone that is so amazing and is always there for you. They are always there when you need them. They even bring you chicken nuggets when they are nine months pregnant. They never stop being there, and have an amazing ability to show up.
My best buddy had my back and brought me ice cream on a sad day.
by oppjonez August 22, 2011
1. A very close friend. Someone who you have to fix common misspelled words during online conversations with. Someone you go to the gym with, only not to work out, but to chill instead. Someone who you have to help manage their money with because they can't control it themselves.

2. A person who calls you a faggot and you call a queer in return.
1. Person 1: Hey! Let's be friends! we have a lot in common!
Person 1: We can be FB/GB/LB/and whatever buddies there is out there!
Person 2: How about we cut it short to BB for Best Buddy.
Person 1: Good idea!

2. Person 1: Fagggot.
Person 2: Queeer.
by anthongg February 23, 2009
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