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1 definition by EasterMaggot

Australian (melbourne) industrial death metal band

the frontman (singer) used to be a gabba-dj, and this infuences their songs. They play at an insane speed (drummer used to have the world record for snare drumming at 19.13 bps) and use distorted 909 kick drums. They have two 'singers' one with a death metal growl and one with a black metal screech, both of whom sing at an insane speed.
On their first album they used a drumcomputer, but on their second (with songs like: death reveals, pure hatred and no one wins) you can hear the speed of a real person.
The berzerker wears weird animalistic masks, because they dont want to be human.
The berzerker is probably the fastest and most intense band there is. Pure extremity.

for more info: http://www.theberzerker.com/info.htm
to get a good idea of thier music, you should listen tracks like: reality, pure hatred, betrayal, massacre and last mistake,my favorites

by EasterMaggot May 13, 2005