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Eminems/Slim Shadys/Marshall Mathers COMEBACK SONG.
Sick Beat, check it oud.

Em goes berzerk.
Drake: Ey yo, Weezy, heard Berzerk yet?
Lil Wayne: Dude lets get the fuck Outta here, hes back.
by NKTE August 28, 2013
When a Loser disses himself
U got Swag
No, Im white

Ah u just dissed urself
by NKTE November 13, 2010
to act like an austrian implies showing respect to your mom cuz she gave you birth even though she can be pretty stupid sometimes
A: hey B my mom is so stupid. you know how shes lookin for sex on the internet and then calls random men just to fuck em

B: wow thats not cool A but you gotta act like an austrian and respect her even though shes an assface

A: hey dont call her assface. stop acting like a german and insult random people

to act like an austrian / show respect to your mother
by NKTE December 29, 2011
To trevor implies going from being totally relaxed and snoopddoggily chilled to going motherfuckin crazy shit ass ballistic within 2.25 seconds.
To trevor got its meaning from that crazy fucked up meth taking piece of a shit Trevor in GTA V. If you ever meet someone whos trevoring around, you better catch that next train to Takemeaway Fromhere.

Oh and Trevorpeople also punch people for no reason whatsoever.
Trevorguy: Hey buddy how ya doing on this beautiful day?
Mexican: Oh ya sir Im fine thank you so much how about you?
Trevorguy: Would you shut the hell up you hispanic punk ass bitch!!!

(Mexican running away home)
Mexican: Ay ay ay another americano they like to trevor alot manana
by NKTE September 25, 2013

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