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A very attractive person, about 5 foot 2.
I think bernies really nice

Yeh I love bernie
by SJR251 January 17, 2009
Slang for cocaine. Mainly used as code to determine if cocaine will be present at specified future event. Also known to be substituted with 'Joe'.
"Yo, that party you're going to throw tonight? Is Bernie going to be there?"

"Yeah man, Bernie will definitely be there tonight."
by nasendusch July 10, 2008
Comes from the "Weekend at Bernie's" movies where a couple of idiots drag their dead boss all over the place and convince people that he's alive.
"Oh yeah! This party is off the chain!"
"Shut up bitch. It's bernie, and I'm gonna be swayze."

"So how was Ermelinda in the sack last night?"
"Bernie, man. Like a cold, bernie fish."

"So I hear Grandpa Fred's been circling the drain lately. Did he buy the farm yet?"
"Hell yeah dogg, he's bernie. Cancer."
by Nick D October 27, 2003
A BERNie is a BURNout, a pothead, someone who had a life that was running smoothly till he woke up one day malude
"Check out that Bernie over there"

"Oh that's jay, he used to be cool till he got malude"

"thats a shame"
by d vengeance October 07, 2006
to take a dump at the exact same time everyday without fail. With that day's newspaper in hand.
Mike comes to work at 9am and takes a bernie at 915am.
by frank mustafa November 17, 2007
A word used in poker that means to hide or stash away.
Don't bernie your chips!
by ChipWinner February 04, 2010
He’s the guy who gets the job done right the first time. He’s the one men go to when they need advice about building shit and women flock to when they need their pipes serviced properly. He has a really deep voice and growls when things aren’t done properly which makes him even more compelling to call in for help.
Nobody can figure out how to do the job right the first time. Call in the Bernie!
by lovelive04 February 05, 2010

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