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Slang for cocaine. Mainly used as code to determine if cocaine will be present at specified future event. Also known to be substituted with 'Joe'.
"Yo, that party you're going to throw tonight? Is Bernie going to be there?"

"Yeah man, Bernie will definitely be there tonight."
by nasendusch July 10, 2008
An ultracool, somewhat metrosexual-like "pimp" of the German persuasion. Snappy dresser, easily confused with Eurotrash.
See that dude in the suitcoat with those two strippers, flossin' next to his beemer? He kinda looks like a zuhalter to me...
by nasendusch April 14, 2008
Anglicized pidgin German. The grammar and syntax remains mostly anglicized, while the words consist primarily of German words, or nonsense words that appear German yet have anglo origins. While sounding and appearing German, to a native German speaker Germglish is full of anglicized idioms that only make sense if translated literally into English. Germglish is mostly understood by native German speakers, but sounds nonsensical and will often result in laughter from a native German speaker. Native English speakers knowledgeable in German will understand it immediately, with a lesser tendency to make fun if it.
Wast herauf? (What's up?) - this is English idiomatically translated into German, therefore, it's Germglish. It combines "Was" (what) and "ist" (is) into the contraction "Wast" (What's), a nonexistent German word, followed by "herauf" (up). This is improper and completely nonsensical in German. The proper German form would be "Wie gehts?"
by nasendusch April 15, 2008
A descriptive word to construe anything that can be defined as a cultural fusion of distinct American and German aesthetics.
I love those Volkswagen ads with that v-dub guy making fun of those riceboys and their japcrap cars, it's so Amerideutsch!
by nasendusch April 15, 2008
An dialect of street talk, employing words and phrases commonly found in hip-hop culture and ebonics, but spoken in an exaggerated and slurred coastal southern accent. Most commonly used among white southern males between the ages of 18-34, predominantly in Florida. Swamptalk is a result of traditional rural white redneck culture heavily influenced by current African-American urban hip-hop culture. Speaking swamptalk does not make one a wigger; the majority of swamptalk speakers are, in fact, not wiggers.
Did you see Travis and Cody at the party last night? They were so trashed I could barely understand either one with all the swamptalk between those two.
by nasendusch July 15, 2008

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