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The biggest whore you'll ever know
you are such a benjo!!!
by mm December 23, 2004
Generally, the name of some Filipinos and some other people, generally shy but chill, very sweet but can be an ass, in general that dudes can be pretty weird but hes really funny and chill....oh and extremely lazy and sleepy.
Person 1: Hey whose that?

Person 2: Thats Benjo, hes pretty chill.
by FalconPAWNCH~!~!~!!!>.> October 03, 2010
(ben-joe) Hawaiian-Japanese slang; term used when referring to the bathroom (however this is not an actual Japanese word!)
1) Eh, you kno where da benjo stay?

English: Excuse me, do you know where the bathroom is?
by MeliaGirl November 14, 2006