To shave someone's ass and speak to it using a British accent. Usually used sexually.
"Sunny told me he gave that guy a belvedere last night."
by Harewood English January 26, 2008
A town with ABSOLUTELY nothing to do...sometimes reffered to as Belvequeer
"There is nothing to do in Belvequeer"
by Batman March 06, 2005
A word used to describe the utter disappointment felt when, after years of anticipation, only garbage is found inside a time capsule. Can also refer to the disappointment one feels when their highly anticipated date turns sour. Reference source: The 50 year time capsule buried in Tulsa, OK contained the rusted corpse of a Belvedere vehicle.
Debi: I can't wait until they open the time capsule. I bet those items will be worth millions.
Mark: (On the opening of the capsule). No, is just a bunch of prom dress catalogs and baseball cards. And everything is all wet. Looks like they Belvedered this one, too.
by Debi Rowland March 26, 2008
A RICH ass city in Marin County, California near Tiburon. Belvedere has breathtaking views of downtown San Francisco and in fact the name Belvedere is derived from the Italian word "beautiful view".
Belvedere is so rich that the streets there might as well be paved with gold.
by Mplad November 13, 2007
that stick-icky shit
that green
those trees
the thing that we
those who see
roll it up
pack it up
frisk it
vaporize it
eat it
cook it
brew it
that herb
that swag
those middies
those crips
those beasters
those headies
that hash
that hemp
that kush
that wacky tobacky
those crystals
that THC
those stems
those seeds
that purple haze
that chronic
that dro
from hydroponic
to Saskatchewan Jackhair
that lemon haze
the L
that endo
that mary jane
that pot
that cannabis
that marijuana
We be smokin' on that belvedere
by Jeevez February 22, 2008
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